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Miishil Yoga Terms & Conditions

  • I understand that once I register for a class or membership, I can access classes from the website, under ‘Join Class’.
  • I understand that the schedule and services are subject to change depending on current events.
  • I understand that Miishil Yoga will be closed on certain dates and holidays.
  • I understand that I shall not share the online class log-in ID, password or information with anyone.
  • I understand that all payments are final.
  • I understand that sessions, memberships and classes are not transferrable. 
  • I understand that pricing is subject to change at any given time.

Limitation of Liabilities/Disclaimer

  • I understand that participants practice at their own risk. Miishil Yoga accepts no liability resulting from this physical practice. 
  • I understand that the Miishil Yoga Teachers do not diagnose illness, disease or any other mental or physical disorder.  The Teachers do not prescribe medical treatment of pharmaceuticals. It has been made clear that the postures and movements that are undertaken are not substitutes for medical examination or diagnosis and that is it recommended that I see a medical practitioner for any physical ailment that I may have.
  • I understand that services offered today and in the futures are not substitute for medical care and that any information provided by the Miishil Yoga Teachers is for educational purposes only and is not diagnostically prescriptive in nature. 
  • I have stated all my known medical conditions to the Miishil Yoga Teachers before beginning class. I have consulted with a medical doctor or licensed medical healthcare practitioner regarding any mentioned and described conditions. 
  • I realize that it is solely my responsibility to keep the Miishli Yoga Teacher updated on any changes of my physical health and I understand that Miishil Yoga and the practitioner shall not be liable should I fail to do so. 
  • By checking the ‘Terms & Conditions’ box, I hereby waive and release Miishil Yoga and Teachers from any and all liability present, past and in the future relating to yoga practice.