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Transformative Dance

Transformative Dance can be understood as a process of healing through free self-expression and dance. We practice redefining the meaning of ‘dance’ by exploring through guided and free form movement in a safe space. Integrating body, mind and soul through free self-expression. We encourage participants to move & express as they need in the moment. Meditation happens by watching ourselves & others as we move through the space without judgement.

Sessions are guided with or without music. We incorporate different modalities and forms of healing dance such as dynamic meditation, social meditation, ecstatic dance, authentic movement, bodymind therapy, somatic therapy and more. The benefits include widening your range of motion, increasing creativity. being able to confidently express yourself beyond the dance floor, healing relationships, and feeling more connected to yourself. The classes are easy to follow and for all levels. We encourage everyone to participate with an open heart!

We offer online and in-person sessions.

Check out our schedule for events/workshops: